Re: [gnome-db] papyrus reporting engine

Papyrus is quite stable and been used in production envoriments for half a year now. It supports mysql and postgresql. It doens't support gnome-db, but it would be easy to add support for it. It just uses a library plugin envirment where you write a library that wrapper around gnome-db calls, place it in the right directory, and it has gnome-db support.


The process that it works on is a 3 phase
Resolve all database and function calls in xml file, so only text is in the xml file. Generate a latex file from the xml file (if you use latex engine, could use html or ansi engine instead).
Then convert latex file to ps, pdf etc.

looks good

At the moment I'm relooking at the sql parser I wrote a while ago for gnome-db. I'm not sure if you guys used or not. Or have done much changes.
we haven't done many changes, just some compilation fixes. And it's not
used too much, just being used in the (unfinished) GdaSelect class.

So, first thing to do should be, IMO, to add libgda support to papyrus.
Could you point us to the right direction for doing so?


I think the code needs some work on compiling/installing as well.
and proberly some renaming etc to fit in with your coding scheme.
To add gnome-db support cp binding_pg.c to binding_gnomedb.c
and make the nesserary changes to gnome-db functions from there postgresql ones. Its really relivitively simple.
Functions will need to be renamed to have correct naming scheme.
The and autoconf needs to be modified to support gnome-db, but that could be just done in you code structure. You may want to redo the makefiles. I can help work on getting it ready to merge I'll just need help from 1 or 2 of you to do it.

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