Re: [gnome-db] Windows and xbase support

On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 08:31, Derry Bryson wrote:
> Hi:
> I quite happily just discovered this project.  I was looking for something
> like Microsoft's DAO or ADO and so far this seems to be exactly what I 
> was looking for.
nice to hear that :-)

> What I am planning on doing is developing C++ classes for the wxWindows library
> (see to wrap libgda and will need to get libgda to compile 
> on Windows and ultimately MacOS (at least Mac OS X).  Is anyone already working 
> on this?
Daniel, Fernando and other people did some work on compiling it on
windows. It did compile, but was just missing the generation of DLLs (it
generated .so on cygwin). Once that is done, I think everything should
basically work. So if you want to give it a try, please do it.

About MacOS, I guess it should not be difficult at all to do it on MacOS
X at least.

> Also, I am the current maintainer of the xdb library (now renamed Xbase again)
> which you seem to be supporting in your latest release.  I would be happy to 
> help out with this.  First thing would be to update to the current version
> of the library.  Please let me know how I can be of help here.
wow, that would be really great! I just started the provider given that
some people had expressed interest in having a xbase backend, but didn't
go too far away. So, if you help us on that, that would be super-cool
:-) I haven't really even tested the provider, since I didn't have any
xbase file, and forgot to ask people to send me some.

So please, the job is all yours :-)


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