RE: [gnome-db] Windows and xbase support

> [mailto:gnome-db-list-admin gnome org]On Behalf Of Rodrigo Moya
> On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 08:31, Derry Bryson wrote:
> > What I am planning on doing is developing C++ classes for the
> wxWindows library
> > (see to wrap libgda and will need to get
> libgda to compile
> > on Windows and ultimately MacOS (at least Mac OS X).  Is anyone
> already working
> > on this?
> >
> Daniel, Fernando and other people did some work on compiling it on
> windows. It did compile, but was just missing the generation of DLLs (it
> generated .so on cygwin). Once that is done, I think everything should
> basically work. So if you want to give it a try, please do it.

I'm afraid the problem is a bit more complicated because those tentatives to
compile libgda on cygwin were based on glib for MinGW, hence not compatible.
Margus Vali tried then to compile glib for cygwin but, AFAIK, without

See this thread and others around the same time

The most sensible apporach would be, IMHO, to use MinGW, for which glib and
gtk+ are ported. The Windows binaries of libxml .dll can also be used by
MinGW (not the static libs, in principle).


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