Re: [gnome-db] IBM DB2 provider in libgda

> > I sent tarball because 'cvs diff -uN' don't add new files in patch. I'm
> > sorry!
> > Now, in CVS don't exist next missing files:
> > gda-ibmdb2-types.c
> > gda-ibmdb2-types.h
> > gda-ibmdb2-recordset.c
> > gda-ibmdb2-recordset.h
> >
> right, sorry, I forgot to 'cvs add'. Now they're in.
> > Patch is attached for correct this problem.
> >
> did these contain any difference with the
> gda-ibmdb2-recordset.*/gda-ibmdb2-types.* you sent the other time? I ask
> because I just added the files I had in my local CVS copy, I didn't
> apply the patch.

Patch contain only gda-ibmdb2-recordset.*/gda-ibmdb2-types.* and
don't contain any new features. Don't apply patch if you added
files ibmdb2-recordset.*/gda-ibmdb2-types.* into cvs.

Sergey Be.

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