Re: [gnome-db] IBM DB2 provider in libgda

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 15:22, Sergey N. Belinsky wrote:
> Hi!
> In attach placed some fixes and addition features for IBM DB2 provider.
> I added to provider support transactions and schemas for aggregates,
> users, views, database, procedures, types, triggers and indexes as well as
> recordset class for IBM DB2 statement. This code needs in some tests but it
> work.
> In future I will make support of field schema.
ok, patch applied. Thansk a lot. Holger, please, could you review it
when you've got time?

Also, Sergey, please, next time it would be better if you could send a
diff file (either with 'cvs diff -u' or, if you're using a released
tarball, 'diff -u). Also, please, add a ChangeLog entry for the changes
you do (that's libgda/ChangeLog).

> I have some questions.
> 1. I look table
> hWhich fields must return function get_schema with parameter
hmm, right. The postgres provider is just returning the index name, and
nothing else. So I guess we should decide a set of fields for it. Could
you please come up with a proposal for what you'll need for it?

> 2. May get_schema return other count fields and different name of fields
> than written in documentation?
yes, the names are not really important, it's just the position of the
field. Anyway, if you can return the same names, that would be better,
although, as I say, it's not really important.


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