Re: [gnome-db] Prepared Statements

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 20:08, calvaris igalia com wrote:
> 	Hi! What about prepared statements? We can use them because we
> have functions in the API. Talking with Rodrigo and Gonzalo I have known
> that most of the providers don't use the parameters passed to
> gda_connection_execute_single_command() . The problem is what happens is
> what happens with the providers being able to use them, because we don't
> have a standard sintax to specify the SQL query.
yeah, most of the providers still don't use the arguments passed to the
execute_command function. The thing is that the prepared statements
should be something internal to the providers. That is, it should not be
in the API, since I guess clients should not have to deal with that.
Instead, the provider, when it makes sense, it should use prepared

> 	I think I can remember somebody talking about a sintax like:
> 	"INSERT INTO foo (key, value1, value2) VALUES (:key, :firstvalue,
> 		:secondvalue)"
yes, the problem is that we haven't come up with the final decision on
this. I guess using ':' is the best way, since it seems it could be used
for all providers. Then, internally, providers should use prepared
statements when there are arguments.


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