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El sáb, 02-11-2002 a las 14:46, idstewart softhome net escribió:
> Gonzalo Paniagua Javier writes: 
> > * [ Santi Camps <santicamps wanadoo es>
> > * Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:29:08 +0100 ]
> >> I'm not familiarized with XML Schema, I think that they are an
> >> evolution of DTD, but that's all I know.  If this is true, it could be
> >> better use XML Schema.
> > 
> > and -2 
> > 
> > Yes, they are an evolution of DTDs, extending them to allow, not only
> > defining entities, but their validation criteria and also data types.
> We use XSD at work.  In addition to supporting fine grained validation 
> criteria, it also supports extension- and restriction based subclassing. 
> One of the nicest aspects of this is, because XSD is itself rendered in XML, 
> you can use XSD to extend XSD... 

It seems that XML Schema is not completely implemented in libxml2, as
Dmitry has wrote in a previous e-mail.  

Do you use any other free library to do this?  Perhaps a non-free
library?  A high level product?  

> > 
> > As i said in my previous mail, if libxml2 supports schemas, it would
> > allow as to save some coding to validate data. 
> > 
> > But, well, if not, we can just use a DTD and validate the data by
> > ourselves :-)
> Why not use XSD and provide your own validation?  At the very least, parsing 
> would be alot less painful. 

I'm not sure what you are proposing.  Our intention is not implement any
parsing, just use libxml to do it.  We are also thinking to use libxml
to make some validations, but nowadays it seems that should be done
using DTDs.  

If you know another way that can be used from a free C library, could
you explain it, please ?

Thank you

Santi Camps

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