Re: FW: [gnome-db] Docs on how to write a provider

Yes, I would be interested in helping out on an Oracle driver.
I'm not quite sure where to start, and my "real" job has been
a bit hectic this past week or so, but things should be easing
up a bit soon and I would like to be involved.

I already have an Oracle database system that I can play
with, so that's why I would be interested in that one.

On Thu, 30 May 2002 00:55:32 -0400
"Daniel Morgan" <danmorg sc rr com> wrote:

> Tim,
> Here is something you maybe interested in...
> Daniel
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> Hi
> Gonzalo added yesterday some documentation on how to write a GDA
> provider. It is in
> It is not
> much, but with this and the header files, it shouldn't be too difficult
> to do it. Also, I am right now adding more stuff, which should be
> published on the web site as soon as the regeneration script runs
> (tonight).
> So this is, yes, a call for people to write new providers, since we (the
> core team) can only maintain a few (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, XML).
> We've got some of those providers already working for the 1.4 version,
> so it is just a matter of getting the API calls for the specific DBMS
> from those 1.4 versions and implemente the new one based on the new
> libgda. Even some of these providers have been already initially ported
> to the new libgda-
> The ones that are in this situation (in different levels of
> completeness) are:
> * Oracle
> * ODBC
> * Sybase
> * FreeTDS
> * MDB (MS Access)
> * Interbase
> Others that would be cool to have:
> * Berkeley DB
> * xbase (dBase III/IV)
> * DB2
> * JDBC
> as you see, with a bit of help from YOU all :-), we can have a full
> featured data access layer for accessing many data sources. We've got
> now a nice infrastructure to add new providers, and just need that, the
> providers. So please, lend us a hand.
> cheers
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