[gnome-db] Docs on how to write a provider


Gonzalo added yesterday some documentation on how to write a GDA
provider. It is in
http://www.gnome-db.org/docs/libgda/libgda-providers.html. It is not
much, but with this and the header files, it shouldn't be too difficult
to do it. Also, I am right now adding more stuff, which should be
published on the web site as soon as the regeneration script runs

So this is, yes, a call for people to write new providers, since we (the
core team) can only maintain a few (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, XML).
We've got some of those providers already working for the 1.4 version,
so it is just a matter of getting the API calls for the specific DBMS
from those 1.4 versions and implemente the new one based on the new
libgda. Even some of these providers have been already initially ported
to the new libgda-

The ones that are in this situation (in different levels of
completeness) are:
* Oracle
* Sybase
* FreeTDS
* MDB (MS Access)
* Interbase

Others that would be cool to have:
* Berkeley DB
* xbase (dBase III/IV)
* DB2

as you see, with a bit of help from YOU all :-), we can have a full
featured data access layer for accessing many data sources. We've got
now a nice infrastructure to add new providers, and just need that, the
providers. So please, lend us a hand.


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