Re: FW: [gnome-db] Docs on how to write a provider

On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 02:26, Tim Coleman wrote:
> Yes, I would be interested in helping out on an Oracle driver.
> I'm not quite sure where to start, and my "real" job has been
> a bit hectic this past week or so, but things should be easing
> up a bit soon and I would like to be involved.
that's cool! If you want to work on the oracle provider, it's easy,
since it's been started already, and the most basic stuff (opening,
closing connections) is already done. You can find it in
libgda/providers/oracle. Also, the GNOME 1.4 version used to work pretty
well, so you can get some sample code from it.

> I already have an Oracle database system that I can play
> with, so that's why I would be interested in that one.
ok, if you've got the Oracle database already set up, then everything is
ready for you to start :-)

Of course, any problem you find, please ask.


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