[gnome-db] Trouble on using Postgres TimeStamp with libgda0.2.96


	We are developing an application using libgda for data access. But we
are getting trouble on using TimeStamp with Postgresql provider. 

	The problem: I get record set with typestamp columns, and obtain the
corresponding GdaValue. But this GdaValue is of type VarChar, when I
expected to find a TimeStamp.

	It looks like it has been fixed in CVS. But viewing the ChangeLog from
the tarball for 0.2.96, I found the latest change was in December. Is
this a known problem? Can I take the provider from CVS or the API has


José Dapena Paz  
Ingeniero en Informática
mailto:jdapena igalia com
IGALIA, S.L. http://www.igalia.com

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