Re: [gnome-db] Memory leaks

On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 16:48, sraimbault concept-iid fr wrote:
> Hi,
> GDA : 0.2.96
> Compilation: ./configure --with-oracle --with-odbc
> I use GDA for a commercial tool but my application becomes very slow 
> after few minutes. When I launch 'top', I see :
> 71 processes: 68 sleeping, 3 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
> CPU states:  0,0% user, 100,0% system,  0,0% nice,  0,0% idle
> Mem:    94584K av,   91752K used,    2832K free,       0K shrd,    3040K buff
> Swap:  192772K av,   43740K used,  149032K free                   37328K cached
> 22809 root      20   0  5672 5672  2680 S    79,4  5,9   0:11 gda-postgres-sr
> I ran memprof on my application and I saw some interesting results,
> the memory leaks follows GDA API calls (I have a memprof screenshot if you want).
> I extract some examples from memprof (attached file).
> Last week, I asked some questions about GDA api on this mailing list, I think I
> use correctly GDA (see attached file).
it's leaking a lot, it seems :-( The memprof log does not say much,
since it is supposed to be running, right? so the not-freed objects are
somewhat "normal".

> I can't use gda 0.8.X in my application so it's very important for me.
why not? It does not depend on the whole GNOME 2, but glib-2.0 and
libxml, so you should be able to use it without much pain. And you'll be
sure to be using a library being developed heavily in these days, not a
piece of unmaintained code, which is what the 0.2.x series are.

So, I'd really propose you to switch to the 0.8.x series, much easier
and cleaner than the 0.2.x ones.


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