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> From: Andrew Hill [mailto:andru treshna com]
> Fernando Martins wrote:
> >Hi!
> >
> >I'm a part-time contributor to gASQL and I also follow this
> list. Regarding
> >your comments on the HTML problems:

> >
> >PS: btw, gASQL also binds glade forms to a database (but I'm not familiar
> >with this part of the project to add more comments).
> >
> >
> Thanks for the information,  openthought looked very useful.
> gASQL is kinda like a ms access for GTK.  Its resonbly nice but still
> awfully
> similar to something like native pgAdmin tools etc. but it uses gnome-db!.

Yes, I think this was the starting point of gASQL and it's still probably
the idea that comes out from the web site. However, the current development
version is more than this. Vivien's (gASQL's author) goal is to make easy to
develop database applications (front-ends). So, it includes:

- a database front-end to see the tables and views
- a query designer which is, IMHO, its strongest point
- a form binder to link tables/queries to glade forms (this is new)

I've only been focused on supporting joins in the query designer so I can't
really add much more comments (only that I'm having bad feelings about GTK+
:-( ). Vivien could probably say much more but I know she has been too busy.



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