RE: [gnome-db] questions related to the SQL parser

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> > - also, there is a GTK+ based project with a (very incomplete)
> SQL parser
> > and engine Had you seen it?
> >
> yes

Sorry, the underlying question was to know if it has potential to be reused
(and improved) or not.

gASQL can certainly benefit from having a parser and I was intending to look
for an existing one. So, basically I'm interested in knowing what are the
problems with existing parsers.

Well, I guess that with the current plans of having a SQL parser part of
gnome-db this is not an issue. Just make a good one :)

Actually, it has just come to my mind another issue. ODBC is a well
established standard. It would be interesting to have this parser compatible
with the ODBC SQL dialect. That would make easier for existing ODBC apps to
use libgda (depends on how ODBC is being used ("embeded" or "dynamic" -
don't have present the correct terminology).

> > BTW, the main goal of this last project is to read MS Access
> MDB files. This
> > in itself would be a killer feature to gnome-db...
> yes, in fact, we started a provider for mdbtools a long time ago (2
> years or so), but never had somebody really working on it, so it's been
> abandoned since then.

Well, it's a start :) If just I had the time...

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