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Fernando Martins wrote:


I was reading the posts regarding the SQL parser and I've a few questions:

- will the libgda providers be able to use this parser to read standard SQL
99 and convert it to the proper dialect?

i'm only working on SQL92 implimention initially.  But other said they would
work on SQL99. It wont convert it to native dialects for each database but build a
compressive strcutre in memory about the SQL statement which can then
be used to recreate the sql query string. You could theoritiy from this make it be
able to handle different dialects.

- I thought gnome-db was using sqlite This
already includes a parser (besides the engine). What's wrong with it?

I've heard of it but havn't seen the source code for it yet.

- also, there is a GTK+ based project with a (very incomplete) SQL parser
and engine Had you seen it?

I started work on a sql parser a few months ago which is mostly functional, its easier
for me to rework my own code than rework someone elses.

BTW, the main goal of this last project is to read MS Access MDB files. This
in itself would be a killer feature to gnome-db...

A sql parser and a database engine are 2 different things. I imagine they will write a sql databse engine ontop of the MDB file and use the MDB as flat file storage. If you wanted to support mdb files in gnome-db it would be more sensible to add
mdbtools as a gda provider, not merge the projects.


Fernando Martins

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