Re: [gnome-db] Re: dwi and libgda

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 10:14:16AM +1200, Andrew Hill was heard to remark:
> Linas Vepstas wrote:
> >Hi Andru,
> >
> >I guess I forgot to mention that DWI is essentially a competitor
> >to bond. :-) or is that :-(  
> >
> its :(....
> i thought i was the only one.
> oh well.
> mines proberly more buggier.

Well, competition is good ... 

Here's why I went off to do my own:

-- I couldn't understand how bond worked.  It wasn't documented,
   and reading the code didn't help.   I'm impatient; if I can't figure
   it out in a day or two, I skip.

-- The examples didn't work out of the box, and the instructions for
   making them work were out of date.  (although DWI probably suffers
   from the same problem).

At the time, I was under a time crunch, so after much agonizing &
hand-wringing, going my own way seemed best & easiest.

Now, if you can explain the errors of my ways ... then ...

> >>Working on web server now for processing. 
> >>Difficult
> >>bit is usercallbacks. when in gtk you make a shit load of callbacks (cross
> >>dependent widgets etc), but callbacks are hugely damaging in the world 
> >>of hmtl.
> >>   
> >>
> >
> >Hmm. I'm not sure what you mean.   If I use glade to design a simple
> >form, using mostly nothing but gtkentry and gtkbutton, then this should
> >be fairly straightforward? Or is it that you can't tell what the submit
> >button is frm glade?
> >
> yeah using just gtkentry and button is straight forward.
> but i dont have any apps written in bond that are that simple, they all 
> have a wide
> variety of widgets. 

Well, anyone designing the web interface has to understand that the web
is not as flexible as the native interface.  This is a fact of life;
there's no simple technology solution that fixes this.  People have been
bitching about this from day one, but the reason teh web took off was
that it *was* simple.  

Later, javascript, and after that, java applets tried to 'fix' this
problem, but not with much success.

> and somethng like a gtkclist, 

gtkclist is fundamental.  but instead of trying to emulate its
callbacks, you need to create seperate web representations for it.
If its only for displaying data, its enough to just have a table.
If you need to select a row, or mmutiple rows, that is something else

> and esp a gtkdropdown make
> a lot of callbacks.  Ie user changes this widget, these widgets are 
> depend on it
> and must change there values accordingly.  and bang you have to do 
> another post,
> and thats 1-5 seconds delay.  unless someoen knows some fancy arse html (non
> java) way to avoid refreshing widgets with posts.

Well, yeah, that's called 'javascript'.  But I never liked websites that
require javascript.   But if its important to you, that's the way to do
it.  Its a *lot* easier than java. 

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