Re: [gnome-db] Re: dwi and libgda

Linas Vepstas wrote:

Hi Andru,

I guess I forgot to mention that DWI is essentially a competitor
to bond. :-) or is that :-(
its :(....
i thought i was the only one.
oh well.
mines proberly more buggier.

On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 01:20:31PM +1200, Andrew Hill was heard to remark:
4) The ultimate -- use DWI to power a web interface (using PHP???)
That way, I can have both a glade and a web interface for the cost of one. But this idea is still out there; haven't worked on it yet.

I've been wokring on this for month and a half. I've got it so i can parse a glade
XML file and generate all the HTML for it dynamically and lay it out just
like it would look in GTK.

Ohh, this would be !great! I've been daydreaming about this for quite a
while.  Is this available? a seperately installable package? part of

The html component is, been in bond version 0.3.1 and higher.
but the web server that uses the html to make it acutally work would proberly be released
as a seperate commical product.

Working on web server now for processing. Difficult
bit is usercallbacks. when in gtk you make a shit load of callbacks (cross
dependent widgets etc), but callbacks are hugely damaging in the world of hmtl.

Hmm. I'm not sure what you mean.   If I use glade to design a simple
form, using mostly nothing but gtkentry and gtkbutton, then this should
be fairly straightforward? Or is it that you can't tell what the submit
button is frm glade?

yeah using just gtkentry and button is straight forward.
but i dont have any apps written in bond that are that simple, they all have a wide
variety of widgets. and somethng like a gtkclist, and esp a gtkdropdown make
a lot of callbacks. Ie user changes this widget, these widgets are depend on it and must change there values accordingly. and bang you have to do another post,
and thats 1-5 seconds delay.  unless someoen knows some fancy arse html (non
java) way to avoid refreshing widgets with posts.

but yes it is all possible. I'd suggest you use CGI instead of PHP though php is
very nice.

Yeah, my first impulse is raw cgi, but I figured the php people would
riot, so ...

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