Re: [gnome-db] Oracle Provider in libgda 0.8.10x

On Sat, 2002-03-30 at 00:37, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in working on the Oracle Provider in libgda 0.8.10x
> (Gnome2).  I believe Rodrigo had mentioned he had begun work on the
> Oracle Provider.
> How much work has been done on it?
just the basic starting point. That is, the .c  files have been added,
some basic methods have been implemented (open, close, begin_trans,
commit_trans, rollback_trans).

> What still needs to be done?
all the execute_command stuff, which includes the execution of commands
and the returning of recordsets to the clients.

> I tried to compile libgda from cvs using:
> ./
> ./configure --prefix=/extra/gnome2/head/INSTALL
> --with-postgres=/usr/lib/pgsql --with-oracle=$ORACLE_HOME/lib
> make
> make install
> When I go into gnome-db to setup a data source, oracle is not listed as
> a provider.  The providers listed are: Default, Postgres, MySQL, and
> ODBC.  This looks like the providers shown once libgda was compiled
> using vicious-build-scripts.  I re-compiled libgda so postgres and
> oracle would work.  Postgres works, but not Oracle.
it is not intended to work, I had not even compiled it myself, since I
don't have an oracle installation, so, as I say, nobody has ever
compiled it, apart from you now.

Make sure configure shows clearly that it found the ORACLE installation.
For this, you just have to define ORACLE_HOME and add --with-oracle=yes
to ligda's configure.

> I verified my oracle environment and database to see if they are set up
> correctly by logging in using sqlplus.  They seem to be.
> Has the Oracle Provider progressed far enough for it to show up in
> gnome-db as a provider or connect to an Oracle database?
yes, it should at least install, if it compiles.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com> -

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