[gnome-db] Oracle Provider in libgda 0.8.10x


I am interested in working on the Oracle Provider in libgda 0.8.10x
(Gnome2).  I believe Rodrigo had mentioned he had begun work on the
Oracle Provider.

How much work has been done on it?

What still needs to be done?

I tried to compile libgda from cvs using:
./configure --prefix=/extra/gnome2/head/INSTALL
--with-postgres=/usr/lib/pgsql --with-oracle=$ORACLE_HOME/lib
make install

When I go into gnome-db to setup a data source, oracle is not listed as
a provider.  The providers listed are: Default, Postgres, MySQL, and
ODBC.  This looks like the providers shown once libgda was compiled
using vicious-build-scripts.  I re-compiled libgda so postgres and
oracle would work.  Postgres works, but not Oracle.

I verified my oracle environment and database to see if they are set up
correctly by logging in using sqlplus.  They seem to be.

Has the Oracle Provider progressed far enough for it to show up in
gnome-db as a provider or connect to an Oracle database?

Or is there something I'm doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated. 

Thank you in advance,

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