RE: [gnome-db] Patch to libgnomedb for GnomeDbSqlEditor (Gnome2)

Thanks for cleaning up my messy code and committing it to cvs.

I will read HACKING and follow those conventions in the future.  Sorry about
that mess; I was in a race to get it to you by beta 3 of gnome 2.  Plus, I
never could get the indenting to work for me in emacs.  I should learn how
to use that indent program.

I'm currently using gedit which is part of gnome2 for my text editor.  I
should go ask those folks for an auto-indent feature.

I will go clean up my mess, and hopefully fix a bug while I'm at too. :-)

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On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 08:00, Daniel Morgan wrote:
ok, patch applied, since it works, but I've got some comments, specially
about the coding style (you should read the HACKING file :-).

I fixed some of those, but please, for future code, follow this
convention, so that all the code looks the same.

* you should restrict lines to no more than 80 characters. In
gnome-db-sql-editor.c, after indenting all lines in emacs (with the C
style used in gnome-db), there are functions which are totally
unreadable. It is better if you separate your code in small functions
than nesting lots of if/switch/while/for/whatever to make lines with
100+ characters.

Apart from this, the code is ok, since it works, but it should be
cleaned up, so please, if you feel like, clean it up yourself, since you
know the code.

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