RE: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 00:32, Fernando Martins wrote:
> >
> > Right. The best IMO would be to create a new web page in the Gnome-db
> > web site.
> >
> > >
> > > So, for the moment being, I'm willing to help with docs
> > > (everything except user docs, sorry).
> >
> > Then there are some opportunitis for you to work on:
> > - writing, as I did for the gASQL's doc, a page describing all the work
> > you did on the joins.
> > - prepare a nice layout for an Egnima page on the gnome-db web site.
> > - work on the libgda and libgnomedb's API documentation
> > - work on the Egnima's developper documentation to improve what I did.
> All right! As Rodrigo also suggested the libgda API doc, I'll go for it.
> So, I've checked out libgda from CVS. Any recommendations/preferences on how
> to proceed (which files are more stable, are more important to start,...)?
> Mind you, I'm not familiar with libgda, so talk slowly :-), but it might
> also be good for the documentation.
GdaClient, GdaConnection, GdaCommand, GdaDataModel*, GdaValue are the
most important ones, so filling in the missing gaps there would be a
perfect start. For how to do it, just look for /** on the .c files and
you'll see how the gtk-doc documentation is added.

> Also, I'm about to update my cygwin installation and I'll try it
cool, let us know of any problem.


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