RE: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL

Hi Vivien, Rodrigo!

> I had the same problem, that is I did not know how to install Gnome2
> except from sources and it seemed a huge task. I chose the Garnome
> 'distrib' which is just the sources and some makefiles, and the only
> thing to do to build it is a "make install". It is a 150Mb download, and
> if you want I can put it on a CD and send it to you. Tell me.

Thanks for the offer but don't worry, I'll get there: I've spent already
some time downloading Gnome 2 RC1 tarballs (hmm, only 68MB??) and tried
garnome. I've already several problems to solve but I'll try the garnome

> Right. The best IMO would be to create a new web page in the Gnome-db
> web site.
> >
> > So, for the moment being, I'm willing to help with docs
> > (everything except user docs, sorry).
> Then there are some opportunitis for you to work on:
> - writing, as I did for the gASQL's doc, a page describing all the work
> you did on the joins.
> - prepare a nice layout for an Egnima page on the gnome-db web site.
> - work on the libgda and libgnomedb's API documentation
> - work on the Egnima's developper documentation to improve what I did.

All right! As Rodrigo also suggested the libgda API doc, I'll go for it.

So, I've checked out libgda from CVS. Any recommendations/preferences on how
to proceed (which files are more stable, are more important to start,...)?
Mind you, I'm not familiar with libgda, so talk slowly :-), but it might
also be good for the documentation.

Also, I'm about to update my cygwin installation and I'll try it

> Tell me if you need any help.

Thanks, Vivien.

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