RE: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL

Hi Rodrigo,

> >
> well, the first thing if you want to help is to start using the
> application, and, then, you can start telling the developers what is
> missing, what is wrong, etc, and you can also start helping on writing
> the user guide.
> So, please, install gnome-db, and start using it :-)

Unfortunately, I don't have any use (and no itch to scratch) for
gnome-db/gASQL so I can't help much here other than simple testing. Just to
clarify, my main interest is in developing, so basically you put me on the
wrong side of the equation :-).

It's just that at this moment:
  - I'm lacking the time and courage to download and install gnome 2.0 (I'm
sick of dealing with DLL^H^H^H dependency hell and configuration issues);
  - I'm waiting for the merge dust to settle;
  - I miss a clear (and documented) egnima project vision and planning (or
am I expecting too much?);
  - I believe the project can benefit from an improved web site (more and up
to date information);

So, for the moment being, I'm willing to help with docs (everything except
user docs, sorry).



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