Re: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 16:41, Adam Williams wrote:
> >>>>Both the browser from gnome-db and gASQL appear similar (because there is a
> >>>>common point visible which is the DBMS) but still they are different (have
> >>>>different goals). Both concepts (DBMS management and app development) are
> >>>>useful. But it appears to me that the integration should clarify how to best
> >>>>put them together.
> >>>> Or am I completely out of context?
> >>Rodrigo> no, you are right. The only problem is that we need somebody to write
> >>Rodrigo> the docs and keep them updated along with the website.
> >>i could help with the website and possible with the docs too
> >>i have had a bit of experince with websites mostly programming for them
> >>(i am part of the XEmacs web team to name the one most known)
> >that would be great! The website is on the gnome-db-web CVS module, and
> >the docs are in $module/doc/C, for libgda, libgnomedb and gnome-db.
> As soon as GNOME2 is released I intend to update my "Data Access with 
> Linux" ( presentation to the 
> latest GNOME-DB/GDA/GASL/EGNIMA release.  Mostly that is end-user oriented 
> documentation (how to install, create a data source, use the tools, 
> etc...) and not so much API or developer documentation.
well, that's a need we've got, since API docs are being updated almost
every day, so what we really miss is a good user guide. So that would be

> I'd jump on it now but I use my GNOME desktop about 10 hours a day and I 
> really *need* GNOME to "just work" (which at 1.4.x it does).
2.0 works for me perfectly also. Although, yes, I had some problems
installing (broken dependencies, etc), but, once installed, it works
really sweet.
> On another topic, is anyone working on the LDAP provider?
yes, German, a friend of mine, said he was going to have a look at it.
And, so far, he seems to be doing it.

> Also curious if anyone has given any thought to adding GDA support to Open 
> Office (it already support ODBC and JDBC)?
hmm, haven't thought about it,  but yes, also a nice idea. Although the
OO code, last time I looked into it, seems a bit too big to be
understood easily :-) But, yes, it's a very nice idea.
> I mentioned once a while back about creating an XML-RPC binding to GDA, 
> and I still intend to look into that.  But I figured I'd wait until GNOME2 
> and all had settled down as it looks like GNOME2 has some SOAP/XML-RPC 
> stuff 'built in'.
no, it's not built-in, but it's available, also for GNOME 1.x. That is
soup, which you can find in the GNOME CVS.


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