Re: [gnome-db] alternative instructions to compile libgda on cygwin

* [ Fernando Martins <fmartins hetnet nl>
* Fri, 05 Jul 2002 13:06:09 +0200 ]
> I wrote before:
> >
> > Tomorrow I'll try to configure postgres. I've two questions:
> > 1) what should be the directory in ./configure
> > --with-postgres=<directory>?
> >
> > I'm betting on /lib which contains postgres.a but I've other postgres
> > directories.
> >
> An update to my previous post: I checked ./configure and the required
> postgres library file is In my cygwin installation, the exact file
> does not exist. What I have is a libpq.a file in /lib. I guess it's just a
> different way the identify libraries. So, I modified ./configure file to
> look for libpq.a

Probably libtool can handle it using pq.dll for windows and for

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <gonzalo gnome-db org>

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