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I myself am learning about all this: C#, CLR, mono, and libgda/gnome-db.  It's rather exciting!
What is the difference between libgda and gnome-db?
Libgda is a non-GUI data access for Linux/Unix.  Hence its name GDA stands for GNU Data Access.
It does not depend on gnome, but it does depend on glib, ORBit, bonobo, GConf, and the native database libraries.
The use of ORBit and Bonobo in libgda allow it to be used in other languages besides C. 
Libgda does support databases that work on other platforms, such as, Oracle.  If there isn't a provider for your database, libgda provides the infrastructure to create your own. 
Libgda 0.2.9x is for Glib 1.x uses a similar concept that ADO uses while Libgda 0.8.x is for Glib 2.x uses a similar approach that ADO.NET uses.  I'm not sure on the later libgda, but I am certain on the earlier libgda.  I have programmed in ADO and libgda 0.2.95, and I think libgda compliments ADO very well.  It is easy to use even though libgda is written in C.
Gnome-DB is the GUI data access for Linux/Unix.  It uses Gnome and Libgda.
Gnome-DB 0.2.9x uses Gnome 1.x and libgda 0.2.9x while Gnome-DB 0.8.x uses Gnome 2.x and libgda 0.8.x.
I haven't played with the Gnome-DB 0.8.x that is for Gnome2, but I have played with Gnome-DB 0.2.9x for Gnome1.x, and it has many data bound controls (or in gtk-speak, many data bound widgets).
As for creating System.Data.Gda, I don't know if anyone else has started working on getting GDA to work in mono C#.  I don't want to step on any toes.  Is anybody?  If not, does anybody have any objections to creating System.Data.Gda?
-= Daniel
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It would be great to have your assistance.  I have been working on the System.Data namespace, and that is coming along great.  However, I do not know enough to write any of the managed providers (System.Data.OleDB, System.Data.SqlClient, etc..)
I'm not familiar with libgda, but briefly looking at the api, I suppose writing System.Data.Gda as a wrapper would work fine, as well as System.Data.GnomeDB.
What are the differences between GnomeDB and libgda?
My comments earlier about GnomeDB not fitting into the new ADO.Net were somewhat of a misunderstanding.  On the Mono website, it says that we could just write a wrapper to GnomeDB. This was only meant as creating a System.Data.GnomeDB namespace, where as I thought it meant System.Data.  This confussion was due to my lack of knowledge about GnomeDB.
On the topic of managed providers, one of the things I would really like to see is, someone write (if possible) the SqlClient and OleDB providers.  This hopefully would allow linux boxes to talk to MS SQL Server, and would open up new web application markets.  I know alot of companies that use Win2k and IIS, only because they don't like the Databases that are available on Linux, and Linux doesnt talk to MS SQL Server.  I believe that's correct anyway.
Well, once again, System.Data.Gda sounds like a good idea to me.  I'll be watching the cvs tree for your code.
Chris Podurgiel
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Hello Chris,
I am interested in working in the System.Data namespace.  Since Gnome-DB doesn't exactly fit into ADO.NET, couldn't we at least create a namespace to use libgda through C#?  Such as, System.Data.Gda?
I don't know much about C# nor ADO.NET, but I have been playing with libgda 0.2.9x on Linux, and I like what I've seen so far.  I haven't played with the Gnome2 version of libgda which is libgda 0.8.x.
I have seen the framework for System.Data in the mcs classes.
Would you like any help?
Thank you,

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