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On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 01:04, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Chris,
> I myself am learning about all this: C#, CLR, mono, and libgda/gnome-db.  It's rather exciting!
> What is the difference between libgda and gnome-db?
> Libgda is a non-GUI data access for Linux/Unix.  Hence its name GDA stands for GNU Data Access.
> It does not depend on gnome, but it does depend on glib, ORBit, bonobo, GConf, and the native database libraries.
> The use of ORBit and Bonobo in libgda allow it to be used in other languages besides C.  
> Libgda does support databases that work on other platforms, such as, Oracle.  If there isn't a provider for your database, libgda provides the infrastructure to create your own.  
> Libgda 0.2.9x is for Glib 1.x uses a similar concept that ADO uses while Libgda 0.8.x is for Glib 2.x uses a similar approach that ADO.NET uses.  I'm not sure on the later libgda, but I am certain on the earlier libgda.  I have programmed in ADO and libgda 0.2.95, and I think libgda compliments ADO very well.  It is easy to use even though libgda is written in C.
yes, very well explained.

> Gnome-DB is the GUI data access for Linux/Unix.  It uses Gnome and Libgda.
well, there is an extra layer, which is libgnomedb, and which is a
data-bound widget library. Then, gnome-db is just an application (TOAD,
Access, etc like) that makes use of libgda and libgnomedb to offer SQL
access, database browser, export/import, etc
> Gnome-DB 0.2.9x uses Gnome 1.x and libgda 0.2.9x while Gnome-DB 0.8.x uses Gnome 2.x and libgda 0.8.x.
> I haven't played with the Gnome-DB 0.8.x that is for Gnome2, but I have played with Gnome-DB 0.2.9x for Gnome1.x, and it has many data bound controls (or in gtk-speak, many data bound widgets).
not all the widgets in the GNOME 1.x version are present in the GNOME 2
version yet, but we're working on adding them quickly.

> As for creating System.Data.Gda, I don't know if anyone else has started working on getting GDA to work in mono C#.  I don't want to step on any toes.  Is anybody?  If not, does anybody have any objections to creating System.Data.Gda?
what would that System.Data.Gda look like? that is, would it be just a
wrapper for libgda? What about the System.Data.Provider (or whatever
it's called)?

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com> -

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