Re: [gnome-db] post-release and 1.0 plans

>* I've created milestones in bugzilla for the 3 products for 1.0
>features. More or less, and apart from 'normal' bugs (crashes, etc),
>that's the list I've come to, based on people's comments as requested
>some weeks ago
>- full integration of libgnomedb widgets in Glade2


>- sybase provider (Holger already did a lot about this)
>- ODBC provider (hopefully Dan will be working on porting it from the
>old architecture)

Does the current ODBC provider not work?

>- Graphic widgets, that generate different kinds of graphs based on live
>data from a database. I was planning on using libguppi for this.

This would be fantastic

>- read-only connections -> this is very important for GNOME Office apps.
>- don't use deprecated GTK stuff, such as GtkCList, etc
>- full documentation. API docs are in good shape, although missing some
>stuff, but we really need a joe user's guide.
>- grant/revoke API
>Apart from that, which I think should be mandatory for a 1.0 release,
>nice things that I'd really like to have is:
>- report engine. Hopefully Santi will come up to something working soon
>- Berkeley DB provider
>- XBase provider

An XBase provider (even an ODBC driver) would be wonderful for us.  Then
OpenLDAP would be able to query the GoldMine database on behalf of user's mail
clients,  which would make me very popular.  Is the LDAP GDA provider currently

>- user-made forms in mergeant
>- per-DBMS configuration widgets (gODBCConfig)

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