[gnome-db] UI changes in mergeant

Hi Vivien (and all)

I've been playing with mergeant a bit, doing the following:

* added a call to gnome_db_init in main, so that we get the stock icons
* implemented simple toolbar on the SQL window part. Now, you can
execute SQL commands in Mergeant UI.

Also, I've come to some ideas:

* what about having a GnomeDbGrayBar on the top of the working area, to
the right of the shortcut bar, as in
http://www.gnome-db.org/images/screenshots/db_component.png (the
'Database' gray bar)? Thus, users will have always a visual indication
of which part of the UI they're in. This is important, I think, because
the shortcut bar does not indicate which one is selected.

* in the File menu, there is no separators. That is, New/Open/Save/Save
As should be first, then a separator, then the Export/Print stuff, a
separator, and the Quit option.

* file->New workspace should open a blank workspace, not prompt for an
existing one. Isn't that what File->Open does?

* also, I think it would be nice to have a unique configuration window,
as I was trying to do in gnome-db frontend. What about doing the same
for mergeant, so that we've got a Tools->settings menu which opens a
unique window with different tabs where users can set all settings
(plugins, connection parameters


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