Re: [gnome-db] new gnome database application name

χ πΤΞ, 02.08.2002, Χ 19:36, Rodrigo Moya ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜ:
> On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 05:13, Andrew Coulam wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I was just browsing the Gnome-db archives, saw the
> > name-change thread, and thought I'd make a suggestion
> > (which you should feel more than free to ignore :-).
> > 
> > How about Hypogeion (or, for the Latin spelling,
> > Hypogeum)?
> > 
> I like it, although, as vivien said, didn't we want a name easy to
> pronounce? For instance, in my mother tongue (Spanish) it is pronounced
> diferently from what you described in your mail, so that might cause a
> problem.
I don't think it's a problem. Too many things spelled and pronounced
differently in different languages, especially in non-latin. In Russian
Spain is spelled and pronounced as Ispaniya, England as Angliya (where
'A' is pronounced like 'U' in closed position, ex. 'Un') and definitely
no one prononces GNOME as Guh-NOME, only Gnom. 
And don't forget SQL (sequel, not S-Q-L) and TeX (tech, not teks). At
last if we learned pronunciation of that words why we cannot learn
pronunciation of Hypogeion?

I like Hypogeion. One big advantage of that name - in Russian we will
have not one but two 'G' because in our tradition Greek prefix Hypo is
pronounced as Gipo :)


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