Re: [gnome-db] sybase

On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 17:31, Hugh Bragg wrote:
> After a lot of updating my RH 7.1, I finally built a version of 
> libgda-0.2.95-1.i386.rpm using the src.rpm and included the 
> --with-sybase=%{_prefix} in the libgda.spec.
> No gda-sybase-0.2.95-1.i386.rpm was built.
> I installed libgda-0.2.95-1.i386.rpm and gnome-db does not connect to our 
> sybase database using the (Manager->New DSN).
> I forget the exact syntax but I used and added the 
> u/p that works with sqsh.
if no sybase rpm was built, then there is no sybase provider installed
:-) please check the output of configure (when makinmg the package) to
see the error message it shows when trying to detect the sybase
libraries. It should display:

Checking for Sybase files... found

this check looks for ctpublic.h, so check where you've got it installed,
and use:



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