Re: [gnome-db] sybase

After a lot of updating my RH 7.1, I finally built a version of 
libgda-0.2.95-1.i386.rpm using the src.rpm and included the 
--with-sybase=%{_prefix} in the libgda.spec.
No gda-sybase-0.2.95-1.i386.rpm was built.
I installed libgda-0.2.95-1.i386.rpm and gnome-db does not connect to our 
sybase database using the (Manager->New DSN).
I forget the exact syntax but I used and added the 
u/p that works with sqsh.

What have I done wrong?


On Tuesday 23 July 2002 18:37, you wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 18:19, Hugh Bragg wrote:
> > hello all,
> >
> > I am looking for a good front end for our new sybase server.
> >
> > Has the 0.2.94-1.i386.rpm been compiled with working sybase support?
> no, if there is no gda-sybase-x.x.xx.rpm file, we didn't compile it, so
> it's better if you get the sources and compile them 'by hand'. The
> source tarball includes the sybase provider.
> > When I supply the following configuration in my ~/.gname/gdalib .2.94 rpm
> that file (~/.gnome/gdalib) is no longer used since we moved to a
> GConf-based configuration, so no matter what you enter there, it won't
> work. Just compile the source tarball, and then, use the gnome-db front
> end to create the new data source (Manager->New DSN). This will start a
> wizard which will let you create the data source without having to write
> the file by hand.
> > gnomedb, the connect dialog doesn't show any connection.
> > [development]
> > Provider=sybase
> > DSN=DATABASE=development;HOST=;PORT=4100
> > Description=development database
> > Configurator=none
> > Username=hugh
> >
> > Are any other configuration files needed, what have I done wrong?
> >
> > When I try to compile the tarballs for .95 and .96 they tell me I don't
> > have packages installed that are installed. I have used rpm to install
> > the packages but it won't configure. It doesn't find gnome print or gda.
> > Do I need a later version, what is the problem?
> maybe you're missing the -devel packages of gnome-print and libgda? or
> maybe, you installed them in a different prefix than the rest of GNOME?
> If so, you'll have to be sure is in /usr/lib and gda-config
> is in your path.
> cheers

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