[gnome-db] Re: gnome-db-list digest, Vol 1 #678 - 6 msgs

O Mér, 2002-07-31 ás 18:01, gnome-db-list-request gnome org escribiu:
> From: Florian Blaser <florian tizoo ch>
> To: gnome-db-list gnome org
> Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:30:57 +0200
> Subject: [gnome-db] libgda / libgnomedb tutorial
> If there's nothing like that, I'd be happy to create one, with the help of 
> the gurus (since I haven't managed yet to run a query on my DB using 
> libgda...). I believe that if you want gda and gnome-db to reach a wider 
> audience, there is a urgent need for such a document.

	I have just finished a fast tutorial for learning to use libgda :(

	I have sent it now to rodrigo in order to take a look at it...


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