Re: [gnome-db] Interbase Provider

On Mon, 2001-10-29 at 05:27, gonzalo wrote:
> I am have trying to make work the interbase provider, with the actual
> version of
> Interbase (6.0). Is work in progress, and need help... Any volunters?
> Send attached gda-interbase-connection.c with the following
> improvements:
> * Now connect to Interbase!!! (previous version show error -902 and not
> work).
> The dsn is only the path/file of the base (Ex: /home/bases/prueba.gdb)
> not FILE=.. or
> PATH=.. (How must be?)
> * Use the user name and password for connect with the base (default for
> Interbase is user:SYSDBA,
>   passwd:masterkey)
> * Display error messages more descriptives.
> * Try to read the schema of the base, but not work.
> I have a problem with gda-interbase-command or gda-interbase-recordset
ok, patch applied. Only thing, I would like you to change the
gda_interbase_connection_open to accept a DSN of the form
FILE=/file/database, using, as I said in my previous message a

GdaQuarkList *qlist;
qlist = gda_quark_list_new_from_string (dsn);

char *file = gda_quark_list_find (qlist, "FILE");

All providers work like this, so please do the same for Interbase.

Other thing, from now on, please use CVS to send your modifications.
Just download the sources (as explained in, and when you want to send your

cd libgda/providers/gda-interbase-server
cvs -z3 diff -u > /tmp/patch.diff

and you send me the /tmp/patch.diff file.

Apart from this, again, thanks very much.

And, what problems are you having with

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com> -

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