Re: [gnome-db] a late gASQL

le mar 16-10-2001 at 02:47 Rodrigo Moya a ?rit :
> On Mon, 2001-10-15 at 14:32, Malerba_Vivien stna dgac fr wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I've just put the version 0.6-0.2.92 in the ftp area to work with
> > the latest version of Gnome-DB/Libgda. Not many new things:
> > - a patch from Waldemar Furowski to make it compile under Debian and to
> >   cope with the name changes in 0.2.92
> > - a big patch from Fernando Martins for the usage of joins
> > - some memory leaks fixes
> > 
> great! In fact, I should have warned you before making the release, but
> sorry, I forgot :-) 

No problem, do you plan to make other name changes?

> since it was a quick release we did Carlos and I the
> other evening to fix the problems that were having the people trying to
> do the RPMs (which don't seem to be fixed, BTW).

For 0.2.91, I had removed the default provider to build as I was
preparing a new version for gASQL.

> This makes me ask if there's somebody on the list with RPM knowledge who
> could try the current spec files and fix them? Once they're fixed, we've
> got volunteers to make the RPMs for every version we release, so it
> would be a great help for us :-)

So far, I've made RPMS but I removed all the docs since there are some
problems with inexistant .omf files. I'll test the specs this week if
you want.



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