Re: [gnome-db]Presentation and translation of documentation to spanish

pepesan wrote:

> Hi all lists's members:
> at first at all
> I have to sorry about my english, it is too poor ;-(
> I expect u can undertand me.
> My name is David Vaquero and my nick is pepesan.
> I am from Salamanca, spain,
> I hope help you  in the development of gnome-db.
> I get the source from cvs (as rodrigo tell me) and I have translated the
> documentation to spanish yet
> exactly the files: doc/es/gnome-db.sgml /doc/es/ and
> /doc/
> but i dont know how send it to cvs ( i know that i cant XDD)
> bye

Hi David!

Just send them to me and I'll include them myself.

Thanks for the work!


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