Re: [gnome-db]gnome-db CVS debs!


I'm not a C developer (yet), but I have run into the same problems trying to compile from CVS source. Since I am trying to figure out why the Oracle provider doesn't work with 8i, this has become something of an issue for me as well. I suspect that there is a macro or 2 that are missing in the macros directory. On the po/, I've had to copy it from the -0.2.3 copy that I obtained from linuxberg several weeks ago. In fact, that realease is the only one that I have been able to get compiled.

Rodrigo, could you check the CVS tree (or snapshot) to see if there are any files that need to be included (noteably po/, gnome-gettext.m4 and/or GNU-gettext.m4)?

Bob Jones

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