Re: [gnome-db]execSQL in Gnumeric

On 24 Jun 2001 01:30:04 -0400, Adam Williams wrote:
> I'm working on my presentation "Data Access In Linux" and 
> while I can find statements that Gnumeric now supports 
> GNOME-DB and even a screenshot of Gnumeric with a data 
> query living inside it, I can find no documentation for the
> execSQL function that the aforementioned screenshot displays.
> Anyone know of a site where this is documented?  I'm trying
> to find examples of functional "simple" end-user GNOME-DB
> implementations.
no, unfortuantely, it's not documented, apart from the source code. But,
well, what you must do is:
* compile gnumeric with gda support (--with-gda)
* select, in a sheet, a region that contains the number of rows/columns
that the database query will return. This is something a bit ugly, since
you need to know how many rows the query will be returning. Jody (the
gnumeric maintainer) told me that it's planned to fix this
* with the region selected, enter the formula:

	=execSQL("gda_dsn", "username", "password", "select * from my_table")

don't press enter when you finish typing the formula.
* then, to run the query, press Ctrl-Shift-Enter

it should connect at the first attempt, but if your setup does not work
(as Gerhard's), just press twice Ctrl-Shift-Enter

> Also the gaSQL site ( seems to
> be gone.  Did this application move?  I certainly hope it
> hasn't died.
it's moved to
> GNU Enterprise is listed as a GNOME-DB application yet 
> GNOME-DB is mentioned no-where on their site that I could 
> find, and a search of "gnome-db" and "libgda" turned up 
> nothing. ?
they are supposed to be using libgda, AFAIK. Maybe they've changed their mind and
now won't be using libgda anymore. Reinhard?


Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com> -

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