[gnome-db]execSQL in Gnumeric

I'm working on my presentation "Data Access In Linux" and 
while I can find statements that Gnumeric now supports 
GNOME-DB and even a screenshot of Gnumeric with a data 
query living inside it, I can find no documentation for the
execSQL function that the aforementioned screenshot displays.
Anyone know of a site where this is documented?  I'm trying
to find examples of functional "simple" end-user GNOME-DB

Also the gaSQL site (http://malerba.linuxave.net/) seems to
be gone.  Did this application move?  I certainly hope it
hasn't died.

GNU Enterprise is listed as a GNOME-DB application yet 
GNOME-DB is mentioned no-where on their site that I could 
find, and a search of "gnome-db" and "libgda" turned up 
nothing. ?

Ximian GNOME, Evolution, LTSP, and RedHat Linux + LVM & XFS

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