[gnome-db]Oracle Provider and 0.2.9


I'm trying to get gnome-db (and libgda) up and running every few months or so for more than a year now... Most of the time I failed, because some dependencies were not fullfilled on my machine. But a few weeks ago, I updated my Notebook to Redhat 7.1 and actual Ximian Gnome and I decided to give it another try with the new Release - so here I am now...

The source code for the Oracle Provider is Oracle 8.0.x related - this version is a little outdated... In order to compile it with Oracle 8i there have to be the following changes to configure.in of libgda:

ORACLE_CFLAGS="-I${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/demo -I${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/public -I${ORACLE_HOME}/plsql/public -I${ORACLE_HOME}/network/public"
ORACLE_LIBS="-L${ORACLE_HOME}/lib -lclntsh "

meaning changing ORACLE_LIBS like Stephan suggested and adding -I${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/public to CFLAGS.

After I did that, the old settings reappeared in the Makefile of the provider - I have no Idea, where they came from...

These changes should be done by default - there are not much 8.0 installations out in the field, which are used to compile modern tools like Gnome-DB against... - Having in mind, that Oracle 9i is only weeks away, the SUN Port is already downloadable via technet.oracle.com ...

But I'm still not at the end of the road:

After creating a new Data Source with gnomedb-de, I can't connect because of
"Could not open CORBA factory [GDA Client Library]"

Looking at logs, there is nothing.

In "Manager/Providers", I can see that both Connection Factories (Default and Oracle) are not running.
When 'm pressing the Start-Button, nothing happens. What is wrong?

Any help welcome
thanks in advance


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