[gnome-db]GDAReport status

Hi all.

A lot of questions:

1) I'd like to know about the status of GdaReport engine. 
Has its development been started? Is GdaReport a priority for 0.3.x ?

2) Where can I get more information (documentation) about XML queries? 
   Has anyone measure the loss of eficiency produced by using XML queries
   instead of native SQL?

We slowly continue with ASPL Fact, a billing and stock-managing
program. We have finished the database design, and we are about to finish
the design of data-managing modules.

We hope to have a first preview in October (with a bit of luck...), and we
must know the answer to these questions: we must make some final 
design decisions.


David Marín Carreño <davefx bigfoot com>   mmmm
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