Re: [gnome-db]Oracle Provider and 0.2.9

On 07 Jun 2001 16:10:07 +0200, Robert Marz wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Robert!

> I'm trying to get gnome-db (and libgda) up and running every few months 
> or so for more than a year now... Most of the time I failed, because 
> some dependencies were not fullfilled on my machine.
> But a few weeks ago, I updated my Notebook to Redhat 7.1 and actual 
> Ximian Gnome and I decided to give it another try with the new Release - 
> so here I am now...
> The source code for the Oracle Provider is Oracle 8.0.x related - this 
> version is a little outdated...
> In order to compile it with Oracle 8i there have to be the following 
> changes to of libgda:
> ORACLE_CFLAGS="-I${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/demo -I${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/public 
> -I${ORACLE_HOME}/plsql/public -I${ORACLE_HOME}/network/public"
> ORACLE_LIBS="-L${ORACLE_HOME}/lib -lclntsh "
> meaning changing ORACLE_LIBS like Stephan suggested and adding 
> -I${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/public to CFLAGS.
> After I did that, the old settings reappeared in the Makefile of the 
> provider - I have no Idea, where they came from...
> These changes should be done by default - there are not much 8.0 
> installations out in the field, which are used to compile modern tools 
> like Gnome-DB against... - Having in mind, that Oracle 9i is only weeks 
> away, the SUN Port is already downloadable via ...
yes, you're right that 8.0.x is quite old, but we wanted to have support
for both 8.0 and 8i. So, how can we detect, at configure time, which
libraries are needed to compile with the currently installed Oracle?

If there's no way, I'll add the changes you did so that we support the
most recent version.

> But I'm still not at the end of the road:
> After creating a new Data Source with gnomedb-de, I can't connect 
> because of
> "Could not open CORBA factory [GDA Client Library]"
> Looking at logs, there is nothing.
ok, this is an OAF related problem. Look, at
$oaf_install_prefix/share/oaf to see if there are there a
GNOME_GDA_Provider_Oracle.oaf and a GNOME_GDA_Provider_Default.oaf . If
not, try to locate where these 2 files were installed, and move them to
that OAF directory.

Usually, these files are in /usr/share/oaf, and maybe you've installed
GNOME-DB/libgda in /usr/local?

> In "Manager/Providers", I can see that both Connection Factories 
> (Default and Oracle) are not running.
> When 'm pressing the Start-Button, nothing happens. What is wrong?
this does not work at all, so it will say always that no provider is running :-(
to see if they're running, just:

ps ax | grep gda

And please, don't wait another year to communicate any problem you may
find :-) I would in fact really appreciate any input on the oracle
provider, since it seems almost nobody uses it (I used to, but I haven't
had an Oracle installation near me for a long time).

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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