Re: [gnome-db]Build problems

Am 2001.05.29 03:05 schrieb(en) Rodrigo Moya:
> Hi!
> Gerhard please, have a look at this mail, since we're having some
> problems with the XSLT stuff you added to libxmlquery. We can't be using
> yet libxml2 everywhere, so this poses the problem of linking against
> both libraries, if available, or against libxml1 only

Hi Rodrigo,

the new version of libxmlquery uses libxslt and this uses libxml2. But I
don't think
that this is a real problem. You can install them both (as I did) and this
fine because the include files are in different directories:

libxml:  {prefix}/include/gnome-xml
libxml2: {prefix}/include/libxml

and the libraries have diffent names:


IMHO using XSLT to translate XML to something differnt (SQL in this case)
is the only 
usefull solution.


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