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On 29 Jan 2001 00:09:24 +0100, Jorge Ferrer Zarzuela wrote:
> Hi all,
> After taking a close look at our web pages, I believe that what needs to
> be done first is (please feel free to add or remove anything):
> - Add information to the front page. 
>   IMHO the front page should show the best contents of the pages. This
>   could mean, for example, adding a direct link to the two manuals (libgda
>   manual and gnome-db manual) and to the latest release of gnome-db. 


> - Add a page about the current status of the project. This could be done
>   throught a news page. Maybe it would be a good idea to add the news
>   section to the front page instead of to one page by itself. (IMO at
>   least a list of the latest news should be added to the front page).

the old version had a primitive newslog in the front page, but when I
made the move to the new pages I didn't add the news stuff. So, yes, I
also think it could be a good idea to have the latest news in the front
page, and also maybe a page with ALL the news.

> - Contribute page: is it up to date? I think it may be a good idea to put
>   a link aside every item in the list of proposals with a text such as 'I
>   would like to help on this'. This could be a direct e-mail link to the
>   person in charge of that part of gnome-db or to the list with a
>   predefined subject.

ok, great

> - Statistics of visits
>   It could be helpful to know how many people visit us. As we have our
>   own apache server we could use a log analyzer. I've been using lately
>   awstats which is good enough. Do you know anyone better?

they're now online (sorry for not saying it in the list) at We're using webalizer for generating them

> - Minor fixes
>   Primarily adding modification dates to the webpages. (BTW maybe is a
>   good idea to add modification dates to the documentation Rodrigo just
>   published, otherwise people won't know they are so new)

yes, as well as an item in the newslog :)

> Once this is done we could start making bigger changes, mainly:
> - Adapt the web to the new gnome web look & feel (comming soon ;-).

I don't mind too much about this, but if you like it, ok, go on

> - Set things so that adding contents is so easy that a web administrator
>   is hardly needed. This is very important to update the 'state of the
>   project' or 'news' sections frequently.

yes, that's why I made the current pages in PHP, having the header and
the footer of all documents generated in a couple of PHP functions.

> - Traslation to other languages?

yes, as you can see in the documentation part, we've added a page in
Portuguese, with a lik to the docs in that same language. We should do
the same for other languages, but this, when there's somebody
translating them :(

> Please tell me what you think about this. Our web is what the outside
> world sees about us, so it is important to have good pages.
yes, you're right, so I agree in everythin you said. Please, go ahead. I'll ask

for a CVS account for you...


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