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Hi all,

After taking a close look at our web pages, I believe that what needs to
be done first is (please feel free to add or remove anything):

- Add information to the front page. 
  IMHO the front page should show the best contents of the pages. This
  could mean, for example, adding a direct link to the two manuals (libgda
  manual and gnome-db manual) and to the latest release of gnome-db. 
- Add a page about the current status of the project. This could be done
  throught a news page. Maybe it would be a good idea to add the news
  section to the front page instead of to one page by itself. (IMO at
  least a list of the latest news should be added to the front page).

- Contribute page: is it up to date? I think it may be a good idea to put
  a link aside every item in the list of proposals with a text such as 'I
  would like to help on this'. This could be a direct e-mail link to the
  person in charge of that part of gnome-db or to the list with a
  predefined subject.

- Statistics of visits
  It could be helpful to know how many people visit us. As we have our
  own apache server we could use a log analyzer. I've been using lately
  awstats which is good enough. Do you know anyone better?

- Minor fixes
  Primarily adding modification dates to the webpages. (BTW maybe is a
  good idea to add modification dates to the documentation Rodrigo just
  published, otherwise people won't know they are so new)

Once this is done we could start making bigger changes, mainly:

- Adapt the web to the new gnome web look & feel (comming soon ;-).
- Set things so that adding contents is so easy that a web administrator
  is hardly needed. This is very important to update the 'state of the
  project' or 'news' sections frequently.
- Traslation to other languages?

Please tell me what you think about this. Our web is what the outside
world sees about us, so it is important to have good pages.

See you,

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