Re: [gnome-db]Spanish translation

Hi all,

On 18 Jan 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> > such a big amount of documentation. What I can do is review the
> > translation when it is finished if he thinks that could be helpful.
> ok!
Ok, just tell him to send me the translation when he finishes it. I'll
gladly review it.

> >  - do we have complete access to it (I mean to install new software)? 
> yes, it's just a matter of creating an account for you. About installing
> software, it depends on which software you want to install, since the
> machine is not a very powerful one. But, well, just say what software
> you want installed, and Carlos will tell you if it's possible or not.
I don't have anything in mind. I just wanted to know if we had the
posibility of installing new software to know what kind of services we
could offer through the web. But in the sort term I believe that an apache
server with PHP is just perfect.

> >  - are the pages automagically published when they are commited?
> > 
> not yet, it's on my TODO list since 3 weeks ago. It's very easy though to do it.
> It's just a matter of creating Makefiles which make all the necessary
> steps. I'll start working on this this evening.


> cheers

I'll send (a first draft of) the list of things that need to be done as
soon as possible so that it can be completed here.

One last thing, I would be very glad to have somebody else to work with
the web too. I don't want to give the feeling that I want to be the only
web maintainer so if any of you (or anyone else in the future) is
interested in helping we can work together :-D

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