Re: [gnome-db]Re: To contribute with gnome-db

On 17 Jan 2001 00:06:43 +0100, Jorge Ferrer Zarzuela wrote:
> Hi All,
> My name is Jorge Ferrer and this is my first mail to the list, although
> I've been listening for two months. I'd really love to help to the
> gnome-db project so I'll use the mail written by Rodrigo to Anderson to
> say where I believe that I can help.


> On 16 Jan 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > * web site: it's orphaned, nobody takes care of it, so it would be great
> > if you help on this, since I
> > myself don't have time right now.
> I have some experience creating web pages including graphic design and
> languajes such as HTML, XML+XSL, etc. I've used JSP and Zope but I'm not
> really used to using PHP which is what the gnome-db site is using. But it
> doesn't matter, I'll learn. So if everybody agrees I can be responsible
> of the webpage, although I'd thank help from anybody. I believe this is a
> good way to get started with the project. 

PHP is quite easy to learn, just get the sources from CVS and have a
look at gnome-db/www
directory. Also, there are tons of docs in
And, yes, I agree in having you as the responsible of the web page.

> Is there a list of things that need to be done? If not, maybe it would be
> a good idea to write one (maybe concatenating ideas from mails?). IMHO we
> should try to integrate our site (in terms of appearance and
> organization) a bit more into the gnome web site
> which is being redesigned. What do you think about this idea?

There is no list, so if you want to work on this, just say your ideas
and we'll discuss them. I've got no impositions at all, so you're free
to propose whatever you want. The only thing I want is to have an
updated web site, and not one that is always out-of-date, as has been
happening before.

> > * documentation: translate it or improve the existing one
> I can also try to help with this part, improving the existing
> documentation or translating it to spanish. I can write down things as I
> learn about them if I see they are not already in the documentation.

perfect! There is a Spanish version of the old documentation (it's in
gnome-db-old/doc/es), which you can use as a base, although I warn you
that it's quite outdated, so you'll have to rework most of the things
there. Or if you want, you can start from scratch by translating the
files gnome-db/doc/C/gnome-db.sgml and gnome-db/libgda/doc/C/libgda.sgml

> > * finish the XML Database stuff: this is a set of functions to allow
> > programmatic access to XML files
> > that describe a given dataabse. This XML format will be used for
> > importing/exporting data between
> > unrelated RDBMS, so also an export/import tool should be written.
> I really like this part of the project, so I hope I can help with it. But
> I'll need to learn a lot before being able to do it. I also like the idea
> about de DB Designer so if anybody starts doing it I can try to help.

perfect. To work on this, you need to finish the files
gnome-db/libgda/lib/gda-common/gda-xml-database.[ch]. About the DB
designer: the other day I learn about a project called eros which
generates a SQL file from a DIA diagram. This could be used for a visual
designer. You can use this as a base for the visual designer (BTW, this
is in gnome-db/lib/gnome-db-designer.[ch])

> I don't know yet how much time I'll have to do what I have promised, but
> I'll try to dedicate the project at least a few hours every week.
Perfect Jorge. Just say where you want to start and the job is yours! :-)


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