[gnome-db]Anderson Clayton's helping demand

Hi Anderson,
I'm Laurent and I'm trying do do a C++ wrapper for libgda ... Hum...
I WAS trying, 3 mounth ago, to do a C++ wrapper. I will go on as
soon as my mission in Paris will be finished (about March-April).

I can send to you what I've done until now if you want to take
a look, to comment, to correct, etc.

**** C++ WRAPPER SUMMARY ******

I haven't follow the old wrapper philosophy which was to write a
class and to write method which call C function. 
I was looking at GTK-- and do something close to their philosophy,
which was, re-writting in a C++ way the C function of libgda.

One of the thing I have done is replacing GLIB GList by
C++ list<> template, using iterator and so on. I do it in an experimented
way ... for learning about iterator, iterator_traits, etc. 

Laurent Marzullo

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