Re: Help with automake and autoconf in libglade support

On 4 Jan 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> (...)
> there are some things that I'm missing that I don't remember right now,
> so after doing what I've said, just run ./ in the top-level
> directory, and tell me any error you find, so that I can help you.
> About libglade, what is the exact problem you're having?

Rodrigo: thank you for your little tutorial. It says all I needed to adapt
the new gnomedb-ized libglade. I've finished it, and it compiles
perfectly. I have already send the patches to James, the author of

I'm going to upload the sources and the repacked debian packages to

If anyone gets problem at the end of compiling, please run automake. There
must be something faulty with my system's automake: when I run it in the
original package, it stops compiling... Perhaps, problem with the

I think it would be a nice idea make new packages for gnome-db-ized glade
and libglade, and put them somewhere... I don't know how to do it.


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