Re:[gnome-db]personal databases with gnome-db

>It seems that GNOME-DB is the only candidate for database stuff, so we
>should take special attention to this, since this would be a major use
>of GNOME-DB. One thing that's been said is that GNOME-DB should provide
>the personal database stuff to GO. By personal, I suppose it's meant
>"oriented to simple users".
>So, although by no means do I want to lower libgda/gnome-db power to
>support "simple users", I think we must do something on this issue, and
>the best thing that comes to my mind is to have ALWAYS a default gda
>provider installed with the rest of GNOME-DB, so that "simple users"
>don't have to worry about setting up a database server, etc.
>This default provider should be using something that is available in
>any Linux system, so I've thought about XML or Berkeley DB.
>Thoughts? ideas?

unixODBC supports the distinction between System and User datasources (user =
setup by a user for "personal" user,  system = setup by some admin to be
available to "all" users).  On thing that unixODBC provides is an SQI ODBC
driver that supports SQL access to CSV files,  which is quite handy.  Maybe
someone could adapt that as an initial data source for users?  (I'm just a user,
not a developer, but it seems to me like a reasonable idea,  no flames required
to convince me I'm wrong).

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